autumn color

love this shade of color :D

it’s been a while since i make something.
maybe i needed time off.  hope it is a small step to start making more!

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my friends were affected 2009 black saturday bushfire.
luckily their house was just escaped from burnt down. (fire was almost there and some parts were burnt.)
i feel so happy to see the town recovering.
mayrsville always gives me good energy. i love bush and water and it has both covered.

oh and cakes at marysville patisserie was yummy!
glad to see they are back at their home, although malvern was much more convenient for me to visit.

Marysville Patisserie on Urbanspoon

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daylesford is one of my favorite weekends destination.
not too far from city and i can still enjoy the fresh air.

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hazy day

i love summer but summer brings us heat and fire down here.
hope  everyone is safe and all the burning fire will be gone soon.


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