Beach and Ice cream

I love beach.
I love the sound of wave, and I love the ocean breeze that bring the scent of the sea.

Maybe half of my blood is from a little island floating middle of Genkai Sea.
(and I love the city life as another half is from one of the biggest city in the world!)

Whenever I have a chance, I go to beach.  Just sit there and do nothing much.
I love the smell of the autumn beach the best.  I can’t tell why but always feel nostalgic.
Winter is freezing cold by the beach but the air is clearer and refreshing.
In spring, I can stay at the beach longer and how happy I feel every first no-jacket at the beach day.
And Summer! I can’t wait to eat ice cream sitting on the beach, and I love burying my feet in the sand to cool down.
It’s pity I found never-in-the-beach days since I came to Melbourne.
That is when heat wave comes. Too hot to get to the beach, too hot to stay, ice cream would turn in to shake straight away.

Now I am waiting for the day to put my feet under this soft and shiny sand.

Yes, I love ice cream too.
If you are in Melbourne I highly recommend Jock’s.
In this spring, me, yoshi and mr A have tried and tested many popular ice cream shops around the town. Sometimes we tried 2 shops in a day.
And we decided Jock’s is the best unanimously!

Soon I will be at the beach eating Jock’s icecream!!
Just thinking about it makes me happy :)
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  1. Yep! for summer is all about beach and ice cream :)

  2. The sands, the waves and the cool ice cream! Love it! :) And good to know that there are large amount of ice cream kiosks in the nearby beaches of Florida. :)

  3. Ice cream would always be number one on the list! :)

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