Girlie cafe with a girl friend

Cute tiny cupcake!

Me and my friend was supposed to walk around the Albert Park Lake.
Last time, I was too tired and this time she was.
When we are tired, we need something sweet!!
So we changed our plan and went to this cute cafe.
I have been to the original Yarraville one but I think this cafe is more girlie.
We enjoyed endless chatting with a cuppa, which seemed to be the most proper thing to do here :)

I wondered why they didn’t do table service. There seemed to be enough staff, and it took us for a while to realise we had to order at the counter. ¬†Or at least, it would be nice if they just reminded us about that, when we arrived. We were the only customers in the cafe.

I only had tea and petit cupcake, so I might not be able to judge well, but tiny cake was cute, sweet and yummy. So I think I will come again :)
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