hi, my name is rumi and cotolier is my little atelier.

i make things and take pictures too.
my inspirations are from all around me and i am as curious as cat,  so i would like to explore my world and will post what i found and what i made inspired by them.

i have some health problems, such as endometriosis and  meniere’s desease, which keeps me at home from time to time.
it is sad that i cannot commit myself to many things because of it. however i can do what i can, and it is a waste to think what if.
so when things are bad, i just do nothing, maybe do lots of thinking, thinking of sense and nonsense.
when better, i sew, crochet, felt or do something i come up with to make myself feel useful.

i also love food. eating, cooking, baking and eating again 😉
oh and i am a crazy cat lady!